About Us

Pretty Queen Ladies Beauty Parlour & Spa is one of the very Professional Beauty Salons and Beauty Parlour established in 1985 at Coimbatore. We offer complete Beauty Treatment in Coimbatore exclusively for Ladies.

Welcome to Pretty Queen Ladies Beauty Parlour & Spa, a Ladies Beauty Parlour in Coimbatore for Women. Our experienced hands groom the inner beauty and transform you into someone with appealing looks.

Through a combination of organic essences, therapeutic skill, and modern technology, we have helped customers realize their beauty – both within and without. We help balance the essential elements of life – Light, Oxygen, Water, Flora, and Energy – and combine in right proportion to flourish into eternal youth and beauty. The five elements unite within our body and mind to form the sixth element, the SPIRIT. We embrace these elements of Life to achieve eternal beauty.

Skin is nothing but reflection of inner self, braving and enduring the harshness of outside world, age and weather. What we see as rashes, pimples, wrinkles and tone are dynamisms of skin. Collagen starts breaking down and your skin will be more fragile. Thus it requires regular replenishment and pampering. Depending on the client’s age and requirements, we plan the treatment.